Chelsea Clock Co., Boston, for "SHREVE, CRUMP & LOW CO. / BOSTON, MASS."

This high quality mantel clock is called the “Doric.” The heavy brass case has been nicely cleaned, polished and lacquered. It sits up on four ball feet. The dial bezel is brass and is fitted with glass that is trimmed with a beveled edge. This protects the dial and hands. The dial is very unusual in that it is treated with a dark copper color finish that is almost black. As a result, the time information needs to be painted in a lighter color for contrast. Here it is painted in white as are the hands. This original treatment is very attractive. This dial is also signed by the retailer in this location. The brass movement is die stamped with Chelsea’s name on the back plate. The serial number is “20524.” This serial number coincides with the date of 1909. The movement is very good quality. It is spring wound and designed to run 8 days on a full wind. The escapement features a balance wheel. This means that this clock will continue to run while being moved. It also features the traditional hour striking format. One hit on a wire gong at one o’clock, four hits at four o’clock or one hit for each hour. In addition, it is designed to strike once at the half hour. The striking system is a rack and snail.

This high quality clock measures approximately 9 ½ inches tall 7 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

About Chelsea Clock Company of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Chelsea Clock Company Board of Directors met for the first time on July 28, 1897. The Board consisted of Whipple N. Potter, Jr., President, Charles H. Pearson, Treasurer, Reginald Foster, Clerk and Secretary. Allen L. Shepherd served on the Board with the elected officers. This first group of individuals was not together long. The Chelsea firm persevered and has enjoyed a long run of success as a result of making clocks of superior manufacture. This company made many clocks. Some of which were in the style of the Willard timepiece or banjo clock, the E. Howard Model No., 70 and more famously, marine clocks. This company remains in business today.


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