Spencer, Hotchkiss & Co. Salem Bridge, Conn. Miniature column & splat shelf clock. 30-hr brass movement. TT-84

This short case transitional shelf clock was made by Spencer, Hotchkiss & Co. of Salem Bridge, (now Naugatuck) Connecticut. These diminutive examples are very difficult to find.

The column and cornice case measures 21 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. The standard version of this form measures 35 inches tall and is 16 inches wide. This miniature version offered here in considerably smaller. This case is mahogany and retains an older finish that has been recently rubbed out. The clock sits flat to the table or mantel, never having feet. The front of the case doubles as a door. It is hinged on the left and held closed by a hook and eye arrangement on the right side about half way up the side of the case. The outer edges of this door are fitted with half columns. They are nicely turned and shaped. They are painted black and retain their original stenciled decoration. The door is visually divided into two sections. The lower section is fitted with a period mirror. The upper section is glazed. This door opens to allow one access to the weight, pendulum, dial and Clockmaker’s label. The dial is painted on wood and measures 9.5 inches wide and 9 inches tall. The time ring is decorated with gilt spandrels and an inner ring. The hours are displayed in Roman style numerals. Behind the dial is the brass constructed, 30-hour duration, weight driven movement. This is a timepiece. It does not strike. This movement is mounted to a seat board. The weight is designed with an interior pulley. And is routed with pulleys in such a way that it descend the full length of the interior of the case. The Clockmaker’s label is pasted to the backboard. The label reads, “EIGHT DAY / Brass / TIME / PIECE, / MANUFACTURED / BY / SPENCER, HOTCHKISS, & CO. / SALEM BRIDGE, CONN.” This label is in good original condition. The top of the case is surmounted with a crest or splat. This crest is original to this clock. Two mahogany chimneys supports a painted splat. The splat retains much of its original decoration.

This case measures approximately 21 inches tall, 11.25 inches wide and 4.25 inches deep. This clock was made circa 1818-1825.

Inventory number TT-84.

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