Chauncey Jerome of New Haven, Connecticut. A Beehive mantel clock.

This is an excellent example of a Connecticut beehive mantel or shelf clock. It was made by Chauncey Jerome of New haven, Connecticut. The case is constructed in mahogany and retains its original finish which has darkened over its lifetime. This case sits up on a simple base. A rounded molding conforms to the general shape of the case. The front is fitted with a door. It is hinged on the right. The upper section is circular and fitted with clear glass. Through this one views the dial. The lower section is fitted with a reverse painted tablet. The artwork is in excellent original condition. The colors are still in excellent condition. The back board is covered in its original blue paper label. The dial is painted on tin and is original to this clock. The Maker’s Name and working location are painted here. It reads, “C. JEROME / NEW HAVEN / CONN.” The time track features Roman hour figures. The movement is constructed in brass and is spring wound. It is designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on a wire gong located inside the case. The front plate is also die-stamped by the Maker.

This example is considered to be the standard size. It measures approximately 19 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. It was made circa 1875.

Please note the photographs to this clock were taken before the movement was serviced.

About Chauncey Jerome of New Haven, Connecticut.

Chauncey Jerome was born in 1793 in Canaan, Connecticut the son of a blacksmith and a nail-maker. He has a storied history in the Connecticut clock industry, becoming one of our Nations giant employers and producers during his lifetime. His autobiography has been reprinted and is available to purchase at the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, CT. It is a worthy read.


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