Seth Thomas Clock Company. The wall Regulator No. 17 in mahogany.

This is a large wall clock. The case measures approximately 68 inches long. It is 19 inches wide and 7.25 inches deep. The large glass panel in the lower section of the door provides a fantastic opportunity to advertise ones business. Clocks like this make excellent icebreakers in an office or work settings. Incoming customers or clients find it easy to start conversations when they can comment on items like this.

This fine example features a case that is constructed in mahogany and it retains its original finish. This finish is clean and consistent. The large painted zinc dial measures 14 inches in diameter and is original to this clock. The paint remains in very good condition. The dial is decorated with large Roman hour numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and the Maker’s trademark. The movement is mounted to an iron bracket that is mounted to the back of the case. This No. 62 movement design is constructed in brass. The plates are keystone shaped plates. The front plate is die-stamped with the Maker’s trademark. Both plates support the steel shafts and cut pinions. The shafts are fitted with brass gearing which includes maintaining power and a Graham Deadbeat escapement. This clock beats seconds. It is weight powered and is designed to run eight days on a full wind. The pendulum is constructed with a wooden rod that supports a zinc bob which is covered in brass. This is designed to compensate for changes in temperature. The weight is also brass covered and matches the coloring of the bob. It hangs from the original brass pulley. Note this clock retains its swing indicator which is mounted to the backboard of the case.

This attractive clock was made circa 1900. It is an excellent example.


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