Joseph Mulliken (1787-1802) Concord, Massachusetts. An inlaid cherry case tall clock. 214126

This is an important inlaid cherry case tall clock made by Joseph Mulliken of Concord, Massachusetts. This case exhibits a full compliment of inlays. It is somewhat unusual to have the base, waist, bonnet door and finial plinths decorated with inlay.

This fine cherry case example stands on four boldly formed applied ogee bracket feet. These are applied to a double stepped molding that is attached to the base. This base panel is decoratively formatted. Along the perimeter is a cross banded mahogany border. A delicate line inlaid box follows the mahogany framing. The four interior corners of the line inlaid box are fitted with shaded quarter fans. These are fully framed in an additional light inlay line pattern. This interesting design element is repeated in the construction of the waist door. In the center of the base panel is a line inlaid oval. The oval features a wonderfully figured selection of wood. The waist section is long and accentuates the fine proportions of this case. The side of the waist or front corners are fitted with fluted quarter columns that terminate in brass quarter capitals. The open fretwork style bonnet is surmounted with three brass ball and spiked finials. These are positioned on line inlaid plinths. The bonnet features a line inlaid arched door that is fitted with glass. Please note the repetition of this design element in this location. The lower corners of the door also feature quarter fans. The free standing bonnet columns are fluted and terminate in brass capitals. They visually support the hand molded arch.

The dial is colorfully painted and is signed by the Maker, "Joseph Mulliken / Concord" below the calendar aperture. This signature is excellent original condition. The floral decorations are colorfully formatted and lack the traditional gilt boarders found on so many other painted dials. The display of the time and date are done so in a traditional format.

The movement is brass, eight-day duration and of good quality. This clock will strike the hour on the hour on a bell. The movement is weight powered and good quality.

This wonderful example was made circa 1790. It stands approximately 92 (7 feet 8 inches) inches tall, 20 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep.


About Joseph Mulliken of Concord, Massachusetts.

Joseph Mulliken was born in Lexington, Massachusetts on April 9th,1765. He is the son of Nathaniel Mulliken and Lydia Stone. As a result, he is a third generation clockmaker. The Mulliken family has a long history of making clocks in America stretching back to his great uncle Jonathan Mulliken born about 1701 in Newburyport. Joseph is the first recorded clock maker to live in work in Concord. Here he lived in the center of town and became involved in many local affairs.

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