Ansonia Swing or Mystery clock. The Fisher. A mantel or shelf clock.

This is a fine example of an American Swing clock made by the Ansonia Clock Company. This form, the swing clock, was first introduced by the Ansonia Company in the 1880s. This model is called “The Fisher.”

This early example measures approximately 24.5 inches tall overall and 18 inches tall to the top of the arm. It is considered the standard size. The patina on the figure is in excellent condition. The iron base is covered with black enamel and in excellent original condition. This area is prone to wear. The mechanism, which is enclosed inside the can and the swing is support by the female figures raised left arm. The can is decorated with applied castings and the paper dial is protected by glass. The spring powered key wound movement is constructed in brass. The plates measures almost 3 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide. It is an eight day time only design with the pendulum swinging behind it. The plate that faces you as you open the back of the case is die stamped by the Maker on the lower left and the trademark can be found on the lower right. Below the movement is the pivot point for the swing Three delicate suspension springs provide the breakpoint. Below this is the three piece supporting rod and then a small pendant. This pendant has a bust of a classical themed woman. When this clock is running, this entire unit moves or swings like the motion of a pendulum. It is very attractive.

This clock was made circa 1883 and original sold for $32.00.


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