E. Howard & Co. Model No., 11. The Keyhole. The Howard Model Number 11 in a full set?

This interesting form was made by the E. Howard Clock Company and is called the Model No. 11. This model is often referred to as the “Keyhole” in the trade. This is due to the case form and it’s resemblance of a keyhole found in most doors of the period. The cases were almost always made of cherry and then painted with india Ink to simulate the grain pattern of rosewood. They were offered with 11 inches painted dials. Howard did make several dial size vartions. We have owned a 14 inch dial example and a 16 inch dial was ordered on November 11th, 1871 by the Arlington Mills. Interestingly, they were not cataloged in these varations. These unusual examples must have been custom orders.

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