A miniature French made tall case clock. Tortoise shell veneered case.

This is a very pretty clock built on a smaller scale. The case is constructed in wood and the visible surfaces have been covered with red shell veneer in the style of tortoise shell. In addition, decorative base patterns are inlaid into the surfaces. The moldings and the forward edges are decorated with applied ormolu accents. These also form the feet and frets. The case is designed in a classic French form. Long sweeping lines give it a non-traditional Anglo feel. The colorful porcelain dial features black Arabic numerals and polychrome floral accents. The time is read by embossed brass hands in the style of Louis XVI. This dial is protected by a convex piece of glass which is mounted in a brass bezel. The French made movement features circular plates. It is signed with a die-stamp by the Maker. The stamp is the “Vincenti 1855 Medaille d’Argent, Paris” example. It is also stamped “A1.” It is very good quality. It is spring powered, designed to run eight days and to strike each hour. This clock strikes the hour on a bell that is mounted to the back of the movement. The decorative pendulum bob can be viewed in the waist of the case behind the beveled glass. This clock was made circa 1890.


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