Waltham Clock Co. Waltham, MA. A wall timepiece with cross banded frames. The reverse painted tablets signed by D. J. Steele.

This is a fine Federal Massachusetts improved timepiece or “Banjo clock” made by the Waltham Clock Company of Waltham, Massachusetts circa 1920. This clock is listed in their catalog as the model No. 1546. It originally sold for $85.90 in the first quarter of the twentieth century.

This is a superb example. The case is constructed in mahogany and features flat mahogany frames that are cross banded. A presentation bracket is mounted to the bottom of the case. The boldly cast eagle finial is original to this clock. The sidearms and bezel are brass and have been polished. The bezel which is fitted with a convex piece of glass, opens to access the painted iron dial. This dial is also slightly convex in form. It features Roman hour numerals and the Retailer's name, “Tilden-Thurber."

The brass movement is weight driven and is designed to run eight days on a wind. The quality of the mechanism is outstanding. It features thick brass plates, a recoil escapement, maintaining or retaining power and a Geneva stop winding mechanism. The front plate is die-stamped with the Maker's name in the upper right corner. It is also numbered "6492"" on the upper left. A wooden rod supports the brass faced pendulum bob.

The frames are fitted with high quality reverse painted tablets. These are hand painted in good colors and depict traditional themes for this wall form. The throat tablet features a typical stylized design. The lower tablet depicts a scene from the War of 1812. It is the Naval engagement between the USS Constitution and the Guerriere. This was the first naval battle fought during that war. An American shield is painted in the center of this tablet. Through the sections that have been left clear, one can view the motion of the brass faced pendulum bob. These tablets were painted by accomplished artist, D. J. Steele. The lower tablet is signed. The quality exhibited here is outstanding.

This clock is approximately 46 inches long overall.

About Waltham Clock Company of Waltham, Massachusetts.

The various forms of the Waltham Clock and Waltham Watch Companies enjoyed a solid reputation for making quality clocks. It was first established in Waltham, Massachusetts in January of 1897 as the Waltham Clock Company in Waltham, Massachusetts. Their products were excellent quality, first selling primarily hall clocks, shelf clocks and then wall clocks. In 1913 they sold out to the watch making giant Waltham Watch but continued to make clocks under the Waltham Clock name until 1923 when the name was changed to the Waltham Watch and Clock Company. In 1925 the name was again changed, this time to the Waltham Watch Co. It is reported that pendulum clock production ended sometime around 1930.


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