Grandmother tall clock. Rocking ship automated dial. Only 59 inches tall.

This is a very impressive looking grandmother tall case clock. This case is constructed in figured mahogany and is decorated in a number of line inlays patterns and fans.

This charming example stands up on four applied ogee bracket feet. The base panel features a beautifully figured selection of crotch veneer. A string inlay forms a frame. Each of the corners are fitted with quarter fans. The edges of the base are canted. This design terminates at the bottom in a lamb’s tongue molding. The waist molding is designed to accept this form change. The waist is long and narrow. A tombstone shaped waist door is centered in this section. It is trimmed with a molded edge and decorated with a figured crotch veneer. This panel is also line inlaid. A decorative fan is incorporated in the arch. This door opens to access the interior of the case. Fluted quarter columns flank the sides of the waist. These terminate at each end in turned wooden quarter capitals. The bonnet is a swan’s neck form. The arches are nicely formed and decorated with carvings and terminate in carved floral rosettes. Fully turned and fluted bonnet columns or colonnades visually support the bonnet molding. They are free standing. The sides of the hood are fitted with tombstone shaped side lights that are fitted with glass. The arched bonnet door is also fitted with glass and opens to access the painted dial which is not signed.

This painted arched dial features floral patterns in the four spandrel areas of the dial. The time track has the hours indicated in Roman numerals. The arch of this dial is fitted with a rocking ship. This ship moves side to side with the motion of the pendulum. The sailing ship is depicted as it returns from sea.

The movement is constructed is brass and is good quality. It is two trains, time and strike. It is weight powered, designed to run eight days on a full wind. The strike train incorporates a rack and snail. It strikes each hour on a bell that is mounted above the movement.

This clock stands a approximately 59 inches tall and was made circa 1930.


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