Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 7 wall clock in mahogany.

This very useful office calendar clock is in a mahogany veneered case. The rich mahogany color is enhanced by the recent finish. Both dials are original to this clock and are painted on tin. The upper time dial measures ten inches in diameter. This dial displays the hours and minutes. It is also signed with the “SRTH THOMAS” clock company name. This painted dial has a few very minor areas of paint loss. The second dial displays the calendar. It is a little smaller measuring eight inches in diameter. The “February 15, 1876” patent date is printed here. This dial displays the day of the week, day of the month and calendar day. This calendar mechanism is perpetual and is operator friendly. Both the day and month roles are original to this clock and are in very good condition. The spring driven movement is constructed in brass and is good quality. It is a time and strike example (count wheel) and is designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on a bell mounted inside the case. The front plate bears the Clockmaker’s die-stamp. This movement also features Geneva Stop winding mechanisms on each winding arbor. The Maker’s labels can be found inside the case. This includes the directions for operation which is pasted inside the door. The calendar instructions are pasted on the backboard.

This clock measures approximately twenty six and one half inches long and was made circa 1912 (See date on back of case). It is in excellent condition.

Interestingly, this clock may have been used in the Central Bank of Soerabaya. Soerabaya is located in Indonesia. A stencil on the backboard gives us a clue. It is also dated 1912. Today, It is easy to imagine this very practical clock in ones office or even in ones kitchen.


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