French time and alarm lantern clock. A smaller size.

This clock is a miniature example and was made circa 1765. The engraved brass dial has been treated with a silver wash and measures approximately 6 inches in diameter. It is 11 inches tall to the top of the center finial.

This is a fine miniature gentleman’s traveling alarm lantern clock. These clocks were originally made for and sold to the upper middle class of traveler. They were intended to be taken with them on their journeys. It is thought that they would have been sold with a special made wooden carrying box. These very rarely survive today. Lantern clocks were were designed to be hung from a nail in the wall. This one may have sat on a wall bracket. It is in good condition having its original crown escapewheel and pendulum. The verge pendulum was almost always used on such clocks. It provided the advantage that the pendulum is attached to the clock making it conveniently portable. A long pendulum would have been separately attached and would be a real nuisance when traveling. The pendulum fitted to this example is quite small and hangs from a silk thread.

This is a true lantern clock. The applied chapter ring is engraved with Roman hour figures, interior minute ring and simple half hour markers. The center is painted in a dark blue. An engraved alarm disk and a single brass hand completes the dial presentation. The single hand would have been adequate during this time period. It was also less expensive to manufacture. The movement is constructed with four steel square pillars with top and bottom steel plates, side doors or dust covers and front facing brass fret. The original verge escapement and the verge alarm hammer is powered by a weight driven rope drive. The alarm strikes on a bell mounted above the clock. The height of this clock determines the length of the run. Most run thirty hours at normal height.


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