A French origin Crystal Regulator decorated with champleve.

This beautiful Crystal Regulator or Four Glass Clock was made in France circa 1900. The case is framed in brass. These surfaces have been highly polished and protected with a lacquer finish. A champleve banding is used as an additional decoration on the top and bottom of the case. There are four separate glass panels that feature beveled edges. Each of these are mounted in brass frames. There are two access doors. The front door opens to allow one access to the dial. The back door allows one access to the pendulum and the French made movement.

The movement is brass and is very good quality. It is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on the hour on a gong that is mounted inside the case. This clock also strikes once on the half hour. The back plate of the movement is die stamped “Made in France.” The pendulum hangs from the back of the movement. The motion of this pendulum can be seen from all sides of the case.

Arabic style hour numerals are painted on to the brass dial. The center field is decorated with an additional champleve decoration. The two hands are blue steel and skillfully made. This dial is framed in a decorative sash of applied cut glass ornaments.

This case measures approximately 11.25 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.

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