Norris North of Torrington, Connecticut. Pillar & Scroll mantel clock.

This is a 30-hour wooden works, time and strike weight driven movement, Pillar & Scroll shelf clock made by Norris North of Torrington. It is a very colorful and decorative example made circa 1830.

The case is mahogany and retains an older finish. The decorative wooden elements are original to this example. The mahogany features a very subtle tiger grain pattern. The door is fitted with glass. The lower section has been repainted. The scene depicts the Constitution escaping from the British Squadron during the War or 1812 and is so titled. The wooden dial is outstanding. The four spandrel ares are decorated with gesso designs that are painted in gilt. The hour ring features Arabic style hour numerals. A colorful floral wreath is positioned in the center of the dial. Please note the unusual position of the winding arbors.

The movement was made by Norris North and is categorized as an “East / West” movement. It runs 30 hours on a wind and will strike each hour on a cast iron bell. The striking system is a countwheel design.

This clock measures approximately 29.5 inches tall to the top of the center finial, 27.75 inches tall to the top of the horns, 16 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The movement has been fully serviced.


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