E. Ingraham& Co. Bristol, Connecticut. "Corrugated" gallery or wall clock.

This wonderful corrugated gallery clock was made by the E. Ingraham Clock Company of Bristol, Connecticut. This very interesting form was made for approximately 12 years. These dates include 1870 through 1882.

This example features a gilt case that measures approximately 21.75 inches across the back. As a result, it is the second from the largest model offered in this form. Six sizes where offered in total. The largest featured a case that measured 24 inches in diameter. Please note that the modified circular design gets narrower as it steps out from the wall providing a fantastic view of depth. The present gilt finish is in exceptional condition. The access door shares the same interesting form found on the case. This door is hinged and is fitted with clear glass. The dial pan is original to this clock. This dial measures approximately 12.75 inches in diameter and features a 12 inch diameter time ring. The hours are marked with Roman style numerals. The spring driven time only movement is brass, eight day duration and of good quality. It is die stamped with the Maker’s name on the solid front plate. The pendulum is mounted from the backboard at the top of the case. This backboard also features a manufacturers label. This hard to find model was made circa 1875.


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