An Og or Ogee clock retailed by George H. Clarke of New York, New York.

This is a fine example of a mahogany case box clock having the pasted label of “George H. Clarke. / No. 40 Cortland Street, / New York.”

This is a very good example of this Connecticut form. The case form is called and “og” or “ogee.” This is a mathematical term that describes the “S” curve shape in the primary molding that surrounds the door. These clocks serve double duty as wall of shelf clocks. As wall clocks, they look much like framed art work.

This rectangular shaped case is decorated with nicely grained mahogany veneers. The veneer has very little if any losses. The wood retains a older finish that is stable and consistent. The front of the case features a large door. The upper section of this door is fitted with clear glass. Through this one can view the painted dial. This dial is formatted with a Roman numeral time track, brass grommets are fitted around the winding arbors, the spandrel areas are colorfully decorated with floral designs and the center section is left open in order to easily view the turning of the escape wheel and other brass gearing incorporated in the construction of the movement. This weight driven movement is designed to run 30 hours on a full wind and to strike the hour on a wire gong that is mounted to the backboard of the clock. The lower section of the door is fitted with a decorative tablet. This tablet is original to the clock and is in good original condition. It has experienced some areas of loss. Open the door and one can access the brass faced pendulum bob and two cast iron weights. The Maker’s label is pasted on to the backboard inside the case. It is in very good original condition.

This clock measures approximately 26 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide and is4.5 inches deep. It was made circa 1845.

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