C & N Jerome of Bristol, Connecticut. Four column and cornice Mantel clock. JJ-274.

This four-column and cornice case is similar to cases made by several firms during this period. This clock is thought to have been made sometime between 1834 and 1836. The case is constructed in mahogany and features figured mahogany veneers. It is an Empire form and incorporates a number of subtle details. I like the pineapple-shaped capitals that are fitted to the upper columns. The lower door is fitted with glass. It is decorated from the back. This glass has been damaged and is now in restored condition. The Advertisement section of the clock is original. The rest of it has been replaced. It was nicely done. The upper glass is original to this clock. In the of the case is a decorative gesso design. It is nicely framed. The dial is painted on wood and is in excellent original condition. It is decorated with gilt designs that are raised up on gesso.

The movement is an 8-day rack and snail striking movement. This movement is very similar to those made by Joseph Ives. There is some speculation that this was the first brass movement made at the Jerome factory. It has plates that are blanked from a solid sheet of brass, non-rolling pinions, weight powered, and is mounted to a seatboard. This example is fitted with a cast iron bell.

The Clockmakers' label is in excellent original condition and is pasted inside the case. This clock sits 38 inches tall and is 21 inches wide. Please reference-The Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology, 1810-1862 by Kenneth D. Roberts for additional information.

Inventory number JJ-274.


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