A mahogany case shelf or mantel clock with decorative inlays.

This fine inlaid mahogany case bracket clock is very attractive. It stands on four brass ball feet. The case is decoratively inlaid, featuring a conch shell in the center section. Canted corners flank the sides on the case. These terminate in lamb’s tongue moldings. The top is an arch form. Light wood line inlays highlight the shape. The dial is porcelain and in fantastic condition featuring Roman hour numerals. The retailer’s name “Ritchie & Son / Edinburgh” is printed on the dial. The movement is of French origin and die-stamped “Made in France.” It also has the die stamp of “GB&E.” The quality is very good and is designed to run and strike the hour and half hour for eight days on a single wind.

This clock was made circa 18890. This clock is 12.75 inches tall, 8.25 wide and 5 inches deep.


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