A Federal period mahogany tall case clock of Pennsylvania origin. Possibly Luzerne County.

This 19th century Federal mahogany tall case clock is nicely proportioned. The extensive use of carefully chosen figured mahogany throughout the case design suggests that it was most likely made for a townhouse or a metropolitan customer. This is also supported by the high level of detail found in the painted dial.

This case is nicely proportioned and exhibits wood selected for it’s rich mahogany graining. It stands on four applied ogee bracket feet. The base is fluted with an applied panel. This panel is wonderfully formed. The front corners of the base are fitted with fluted quarter columns that terminate in turned wooden capitals. This architectural detail is repeated in the waist section. The waist is long and features a nicely shaped door. It features a crotch veneer pattern that is boldly grained. This is laid out in a long oval that is bordered in a crass banded frame. The bonnet is a swans neck pediment form. The arches are nicely elevated. Three turned wooden ball and spiked finials surmounted the top of this case. Fully turned bonnet columns flank the arched glazed door. This door opens to grain access to the painted iron dial.

The back of it is inscribed “Nolen’s Manufactory Boston.” This is an excellent example of what is referred to a level three dial. This is thought to be the most expensive dial they sold due to the size, Measuring 13 inches across, the heavy gesso work, intricate painted details and lunar calendar. Intricate gesso work is applied to the spandrel areas and is highlighted in gilt paint. The spandrel areas are skillfully decorated. The dial displays Arabic style hours, minutes and seconds. It also displays the phases of the moon and month calendar.

The movement is brass, eight day duration and weight powered. It is designed to strike each hour on the hour on a cast iron bell. It is good quality.

This clock was made circa 1815. It stands approximately 7 feet 7.5 inches tall.

Inventory number 21021.

This clock is inventory number 21021


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