French Industrial Series. An automated Bollard. Mantel clock

This very interesting clock was made in France circa 1880. This model is considered one of a series of automated clocks that share Industrial themes. This example is modeled after Bollard and is in very good condition.

The case is constructed in brass. It is finished in two tones. Polished brass results in the yellow or gold tone. The other surfaces have been treated with a silver wash. The base is stone. Inside the base section is a spring powered movement that when wound, will rotate the upper turret for approximately a 2 hours. This is wound with a key above the black platform on the back of the case. The upper turret, displays two time dials, a thermometer, a barometer and a compass. The timepiece is spring wound and designed to run 8-days on a wind. The top is capped with a finial.

For additional information about this clockmaker please read Derek Roberts’ book titled “Mystery, Novelty and Fantasy Clock.”

This clock stands approximately 21 inches tall.


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