Devereux Bowley of London (1696-1773) Bracket  Clock.

This is a fine example of a good clock in very nice condition. The movement is an eight day, double fusee, five pillar design. It features an anchor recoil escapement and rack striking the hours on a bell. The backplate is engraving. The pendulum bob is decorated with engraved rod and transit locking device. This movement is in a good, well figured mahogany case.

The case features a break-arch top, finely executed moldings and silk backed fish-scale brass frets on the sides and door front. It is surmounted with a cast brass swinging handle and it sits upon four applied brass Ogee feet. The break-arch back door is fitted with glass so that one can view the decorative back plate of the movement. The full size front door carries the cast Sheraton style bezel with high bowed glass and brass rod side edging.

The painted dial measures approximately 8 inches in diameter. It is slightly convex. Roman numerals and decorative brass hands display the time.

This clock was made circa 1770.

Approximate dimensions: 15.5 inches tall with the handle up right, 12 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep.


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