William Hanson of Windsor, England. A Japanned case tall clock. 20138

This is a very decorative and colorful example of a tall case clock that is decorated in lacquer work. This decoration is called several names in the trade. Some of the more popular names are Chinoiserie decoration, Japanning, and lacquer work. This effect is a process were gesso is applied to the case in certain areas in order to provide some depth to the design. The case is then paint decorated with traditional Chinese or Japanese scenes. The decoration found on this clock has been professionally restored. This example features the intricate forms of birds, florals, buildings, people, and geometric designs. All of which are applied to a red base coat or background.

This case is nicely proportioned. The base stands on an applied double step molding. This is slightly elevated on four small pads. A cove and beaded molding transition the rectangular base section to the waist. The waist section is long and narrow and features a tombstone shaped waist door. This door is fitted with an applied molding along its’ perimeter. Through this door one can access the weights and pendulum. The bonnet is a simple form having a domed shaped top. The bonnet door is glazed and features freestanding bonnet columns.

The movement is constructed in brass. It is weight driven and designed to run an eight-day duration. It features a rack and snail striking system and is designed to strike each hour on a cast iron bell. This bell is located on the top of the movement. This movement is of good quality.

The arched brass dial features applied spandrels and chapter rings. The hours are marked in Roman numerals. The five minute markers are done in an Arabic format. The center section of the dial is matted. The calendar date can be viewed in the square aperture above the the Roman numeral six. The seconds are also displayed in this interior field on an inset seconds dial that is silvered. The Makers name is engraved on the applied arch. It also lists his working location. A silent /strike mechanism can be found in the arch. The hands are nicely formed.

This clock was made circa 1800. It measures approximately 6 feet 10.75 inches tall.

William Hanson is listed in Brain Loomes “Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World.” He is listed as working in 1800.


About William Hanson of Windsor, England.

William Hanson is listed in Brain Loomes “Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World.” He is listed as working in 1800.


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