Horace Tift Timepiece from North Attleboro, Massachusetts. 29118

This is an excellent example of a wall timepiece made in North Attleboro, Massachusetts by Horace Tift.

This fine clock exhibits many of the design elements that are now associated with the clockmaking output from this New England town. The case is mahogany and retains an older finish. The mahogany frames are canted. The lower door is secured with a hook, the form of the finial and finial plinth are all Attleboro features. The bezel and side arms are brass. Traditionally, Attleboro clock tablets are painted in black and gold paint. They are very commercial in appearance. This is a dressier model in that these tablets are painted in color and are original to this clock. The brass movement is weight driven and is designed to run eight days on a full wind. The movement is mounted to the back of the case with two screws through the back plate. The cast iron weight is die stamped “H T.” The “H T” standing for Horace Tift.

This clock measures approximately 34 inches long to the top of the turned wooden finial.


About Horace Tift of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Horace Tift was born in Attleboro on December 18th, 1804. He lived 84 years and died in Providence, Rhode Island on March 11, 1886. He was trained as a machinist in Millbury, MA and was thought to been in the clock business until 1850 when he is last listed as a jewelry manufacturer.


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