A large French Charles X fire gilded table regulator. Made circa 1820.

This four column portico case form was very popular in France. This example is more substantial than most. It measures approximately 21.5 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The case is brass retains much of it fire gilding.

The bowed enameled dial is fit into a nicely detailed bezel. The dial measures inches in diameter. It features Roman style hour numerals and is calibrated for half seconds. All three hands are blued steel. The third hand is a sweep second hand.

The 14 day precision movement is spring powered and is fitted with a pinwheel escapement with the beat adjustment on the crutch. It strikes the hours and half hours on a bell. The escapement and the count wheel are mounted on the backplate. The heavy gridiron temperature compensating pendulum features a large gilt bob. The pendulum is suspended on a knife-edge mount. This movement is excellent quality.


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