Winterhälder & Hoffmier Sch. Quarter Striking Bracket Clock.

This bracket clock was made by the Winterhälder & Hoffmier firm in Germany circa 1890. The case construction is very interesting. The use of glass is abundant and allows one to view the clock mechanism quite easily.

The case frame is constructed in mahogany wood and sits up on four brass pad feet.. Beveled glass panels are incorporated in the case design. They are used on all four sides. The side panel is one piece of glass that wraps over the top from one side to the other. This must have been difficult to do and generates a lot of comments. The front of the case is fitted two separate panels. The lower panel allows one to view the motion of the brass pendulum bob. The upper section of glass is fitted into a brass bezel. This glass is a convex form. Looking through this, one can view the dial or more appropriately read the time. The back of the case is also fitted with a large door.

This German made movement is spring powered and designed to run eight-days. Two large brass plates support the gearing. It is designed to strike the quarter hours with four hammers on four coil shaped gongs. The striking sequence is Westminster. The backplate of the movement is die-stamped with their trade mark “W&H / Sch.” This movement is good quality throughout.

This dial is in excellent condition. This brass dial is treated with a silver wash. Roman style figures are used to mark the hours in the time ring.

This clock measures approximately 15.75 inches tall, 11 wide and 6.75 inches deep at the lower molding. This clock was made circa 1890. Inventory number UU-77.


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