Winterhälder & Hoffmier Sch. Quarter Striking Bracket Clock.

This bracket clock was made by Winterhälder & Hoffmier in Germany circa 1890. The backplate of the movement is signed with their trade mark “W&H / Sch.” It is good quality throughout and strikes the quarter hours having three separate trains.

This wonderful figured walnut case retains an excellent finish that high lights the natural pattern of the striping in the grain. The case is elevated on four applied brass pad feet. The case form is a traditional design that conforms to the shape of the break arch dial. The base molding is well formed. Fluted columns flank the door. These visually support the break arch molding. Four brass acorn shape finals are fitted to the top of the case. The sides and the back of the case are fitted with access doors. The rear door provides access to the movement. This door is fitted with a pierced wooden fret screen and is backed in silk. This allows the sound of the strike train to more easily escape the case.

This dial is in good overall condition. This brass dial is formatted with applied brass spandrels and a silvered chapter ring. The arch features a sun burst and two individual selector dials. One is for adjustment or the rating of the clock movement. The second dial is a selector for the strike train. One has the option of turn the sound on or off. The center section is treated with a matted finish.

This German made movement is spring powered and designed to run eight-days. Two large brass plates support the gearing. It is designed to strike the quarter hours with four hammers on four coil shaped gongs. The striking sequence is Westminster. The backplate of the movement is die-stamped with their trade mark “W&H / Sch.” This movement is good quality throughout.

This clock measures approximately 16 inches tall. It is 13.25 wide and 9.75 inches deep at the lower molding. This clock was made circa 1890. It has been fully serviced and is in excellent working condition. This clock is inventory number 213032.


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