Brewster & Ingrahams Bristol, Connecticut. Four Column Steeple Clock.

This unusual steeple clock was made by the Brewster & Ingrahams Clock Company of Bristol, Connecticut sometime between 1843 and 1852. Steeple clocks were commonly made during this period. This example has the added architectural features of four fully turned columns that are positioned on the sides of the case. This example also retains its’ four original wooden turned and tapered finials. They are in excellent condition. The case is veneered in figured mahogany and currently retains an older finish. The door is visually divided into to two sections. The upper section conforms to the shape of the case and the opening is fitted with clear glass allowing one to view the painted dial behind it. The lower square section features a frosted tablet. This frosted surface is made by acid etching the glass from the back. The decorative geometric pattern is then cut into the glass surface of the glass from the back. The result essentially polishes the glass clear, leaving behind the desired pattern.

The dial is painted on zinc and is original to the clock. The black Roman style hour numerals have been refreshed. The Maker’s name is signed in the center section. The hands are original.

The time and strike movement is constructed in brass. It is powered by coil springs and designed to run approximately eight days in duration. It is good quality and performs well. The front-plate is die-stamped with the Maker’s name. The brass cover pendulum bob can be seen through the lower tablet.

The Maker’s label is pasted to the backboard inside the case. Zit reads, “PATENT SPRING EIGHT DAY / BRASS CLOCKS / MADE BY BREWSTER & INGRAHAMS / BRISTOL, CONN.” It is in excellent overall condition.

This clock was made circa 1850 and stands approximately 19.25 inches tall. It is inventory number VV-53.


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