A mahogany case tall clock of UK origin. Round dial.

This is a fine mahogany long case clock is a very manageable size. It exhibits good narrow proportions and good quality mahogany wood selections.

This case stands on an applied bracket base that features four feet that are applied to the base. They are simply formed and elevate the case up off the floor. The base features a cross banded border that is framed on the interior by an applied molding. This forms a frame and centers a crotch veneered panel. The waist section is fitted with a simply shaped waist door. The edge of the door is trimmed with a molded edge. This door allows one access to the weights and pendulum. It is positioned above an additional decorative panel. This panel is often referred to as an “Irish” panel. The sides of the waist are fitted with inset quarter columns that terminate in turned wooden capitals. These columns are fluted over their entire length. The molded arch shaped bonnet features an applied pediment, finial plinths and three wooden finials. The sides of the hood are decorated with cutouts in the side panels. The front corners of the hood are decorated with a chamfered design. The bonnet door is a cast brass circular bezel. It is fitted with glass.

The time and strike movement is brass, eight-day duration and of excellent quality. It is designed to strike each hour on a cast iron bell. It is weight driven.

The painted iron dial is circular and displays the hours, minutes, seconds and calendar date.

This clock stands approximately 7 feet 1 inches tall. It is $3,850.


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