Gustav Becker maker. A two weight Vienna Regulator wall clock.

This wall clock form is the type commonly referred to as a Vienna regulator in this country. Viennas were originally produced in limited numbers. Production increased significantly in the 1860s to meet the increasing demand. This fine example was most likely made circa 1900.

The style of this case is typical for the form. The case is walnut and is decorated with a number of applied moldings and carvings. Most of these design elements could be considered standard. The shell ate the top is somewhat unusual and worth noting. The dial is composed of two separate pieces which are divided by an interior brass bezel or inner brass ring. Black Roman style hour numerals, red designs that mark the half hours and a closed minute ring are use to construct the time ring. The inner section of the dial features a small seconds dial and hand and the Maker’s trademark. Fancy pierced blued steel hands are used to display the time. The movement is weight driven and will run for eight days on a single wind. It is a two train design striking the hours on a coil wire gong. This movement uses a rack and snail striking system. The pendulum bob is brass on one side and is supported with a wood rod.

This clock measures approximately 46 inches long and was made circa 1900. It is inventory number 216059.


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