A diminutive Vienna Regulator made by Lenzkirch circa 1895.

This wall clock form is the type commonly referred to as a Vienna regulator. It is considered a transitional RA form. Generally, wall clocks of this small size, 27 inches long as opposed to the standard size of 42 inches, are difficult to find. Viennas were originally produced in limited numbers. Production increased significantly in the 1860s to meet the increasing demand.

This walnut veneered example is quite attractive. The wood word is highlighted with ebonized accents. The movement features square shaped brass plates. The serial number, 346742 is stamped into the back plate. The movement is spring powered and is designed to run for eight days on a single wind. It also features a strike train. As a result, it will strike the hour on a coil gong which is mounted at the back of the works. The two piece dial is made of porcelain and measures 4.5 inches across. The bezel is brass. The pendulum bob is also finished in brass and features the R A insignia. This clock was made circa 1895.

This clock is inventory number 216046.


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