An original Standard Red Crown vintage gas station clock.

This is an original Standard Red Crown advertisement in the form of an eletric clock. This was most likely made in the 1930’s for use in the various Standard Oil gas stations. It is an eye catching advertisement for their products.

The circular shape suggests that these clocks were mounted in the circular windows found in the gabbel ends of the sevice stations. Several of these stations that had windows specifically designed for clocks were located on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. Some of these buildings remain there today.

This is a genuine electric clock sign. The not only is the clock electrically powered and is illuminated. The dial can can viewed at night. This clock is single sided. The dial is glass and the graphics are painted from the back. Colors include the red, white, silver and blue. The Standard Oil logo and the “Standard Red Crown” are prominately displayed for all to see. The hours are marked on the perimeter of the face. Two hands indicate the time in a traditional fashion.

Dimenssions: 19 inches in diameter. It is approximately 10 inches deep.


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