Cartel wall clock of French origin. Henry Au Louvre / Paris.

This French made wall clock is in excellent condition. The case is cast in brass and has been recently cleaned and protected with a lacquer finish. The case is a symmetrical shape and exhibits themes that includes an urn at the top, foliate garlands, swags, scrolls, pilasters and a face wearing a crown. This detail work is finely made. The pendulum aperture is fitted with glass. Behind this glass swings the pendulum which features a star burst bob. The slightly convex enamel dial features Roman style hour numerals and Arabic style five minute markers. It is signed in block lettering. The pierced hands are also brass and have been decoratively formed. They are protected by a convex piece of glass that is fitted into a brass bezel. The movement is complete and sound. The brass plates are rectangularly shaped. It is designed to run eight-days on a full wind and to strike the hour on a bell that is mounted inside the case above the works. The count wheel is mounted on the back of the movement. This clock is spring powered and wound with a key. The pendulum hangs inside the case from the back of the movement.

This clock measures 31 inches in length, 15 inches wide and is 6 inches deep. It was made circa 1860.

This clock is inventory number 216074.


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