Nils Wiberg of Ystad, Sweden. A very impressive carved case Swedish wall clock.

This very impressive wall clock is in very good original condition. The case is made of wood and retains most of it's original gilding. There are a number of small areas where it has worn down to the red preparatory base. These areas are very minor. The carvings are in excellent condition. The prominent feature are the two horses that flank the sides of the case. The bezel is brass and is fitted with a clear piece of convex glass. This protects the dial which measures approximately 10.5 inches in diameter. The slightly convex shaped dial is iron. It is painted and features the Maker's name and working location. This signature is located in the lower portion of the dial. The time ring is formatted with Arabic hour and quarter hour numerals. The original hand cut brass hands are nicely designed. The well made spring powered brass movement is designed to run eight days on a full wind. It features a silk thread suspension and strikes each hour on a bell. It also strikes the half hours. This is an exceptional clock. It was made circa 1830. The case measures approximately 36.5 inches long and 21.5 inches wide.

Nils Wiberg is listed in Brain Loomes new book, “Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World.” Loomes lists Wiberg as being born in 1781 and died in 1826.

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