Elisha Manross of Bristol, Connecticut. 8-day fusees. Steeple on Steeple.

This is an excellent and very colorful example of a mahogany cased steeple on steeple clock.

The case is veneered with mahogany wood and features a clean warm shellac finish. The color is excellent. The dial is painted on zinc. The time ring features a Roman style hour numerals. This dial is original to this clock and is in excellent condition. The tablets or the reverse painted decoration is in excellent original condition. Both are colorfully paint decorated. The middle glass features a William Fenn design and a blue framing. The lower tablet has a green border that frames floral themes and a large yellow rendition of a beehive or scup.

The movement is constructed in brass and is framed with brass strapping that is riveted together. It is powered by springs which fully wound, are designed to run this clock or power it for an eight day duration. The two coil springs are located behind the wooden fusee barrels. These are fronted in brass. They are supported by a cast iron frame that visually hangs below the movement. The incorporation of fusees, helps make this clock a very desirable model. This movement is also designed to strike each hour on a wire gong. The Manufacture’s label is applied to the inside of the backboard in the lower section of the case. It is also in excellent condition.

This case measures 23.5 inches tall by approximately 12.75 inches wide. It was made circa 1845.


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