Morez Picture Frame Clock. Petiot Guichard Louhans, France.

This is a colorful example of a French Morez picture frame clock. These clocks were predominantly made in the region around the town of Morez which is located in the Comte region of France. They were made in significant numbers and are now considered the quintessential French country wall clock. Their popularity in France rivals the popularity of the school house clock in America. These clocks take their name from the "frame" around the case. This example features a faux grain painted frame in the form of a shapely design. This and a frame that is painted black is typical for the form and is traditionally fitted with glass in order to protect the inner decoration and dial. The dial is enamel with Roman hour numerals, red five minute markers and is signed with the establishment and location of the original retailer. It is trimmed with a brass trim ring and an intricate design of mother of pearl patterns. The brass movement of this clock is spring driven and strikes the hours and half hours on a coiled gong which is mounted inside the case. Winding of the springs is required once a week in order to maintain continual running. This clock would make a very nice addition to any kitchen.

This case is approximately 19.25 inches tall, 19.25 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep. It is inventory number 2082. It is sold fully serviced and is $850.

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