J. Poncione Colomba & Co. No. 180 High Holborn, London, England. A good quality, mid-19th Century figured mahogany and line inlaid stick barometer.

This mahogany cased stick barometer is of English origin and is currently operational. The dial plate is signed J. Poncione Colomba & Co. High Holborn, London. J. Poncione Colomba & Co. is listed in Edwin Banfield's book, "Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660 – 1900." Banfield lists their working dates as 1800-30.

This is a very sleek and narrow form. The top of the case is fitted with a break pediment molding that centers a single brass urn shaped finial. Below this is a rectangular box that accommodates a very nicely engraved brass register plates that are split by the glass barometer tube. The Maker’s name and working location can be found engraved in the top of this brass plate in a script hand format. The left side is fitted with a thermometer. The Fahrenheit scale is represented from approximately 0 up to 130 degrees. The markers of Freezing, Temperate, Summer Heat, Blood Heat and Fever Heat are included. The right side provides the scale for the barometer. This scale is engraved with the possible changes to come. They include: Very Dry, Set Fair, FAIR, Change, RAIN. M Rain and Stormy. The plate on the right is engraved with the barometer scale in inches ranging from 27 to a high of 31. A vernier scale is also located on this side. It is manually adjusted. The glass tube is filled with mercury. The waist or trunk area is narrow and features two bands or lines of decorative inlay. The glass tube is exposed. A cistern is located behind the circular wooden cistern cover located at the bottom of the case.

This barometer has the following approximate dimensions: 39 inches tall overall, and at the top it is 5 inches wide and 2 inches deep.


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