N. Bianchi of Braintree, UK. A good quality, mid-19th Century rosewood veneered wheel barometer in fine condition.

VV-45 N. Bianchi of Braintree, UK. A good quality, mid-19th Century rosewood veneered wheel barometer in fine condition.

This barometer is of English origin and is currently operational. The dial plate is signed ‘Bianchi / Braintree.’ N. Bianchi is listed in Edwin Banfield's book, ‘Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660 – 1900.’ Banfield lists Bianchi’s working dates as 1835-55. Braintree is located just to the northeast of London in Essex.

This is a great looking Wheel or Banjo Barometer that was made by N. Bianchi of Braintree, UK. The nicely shaped case is veneered in rosewood. The grain pattern is formatted vertically and finish is excellent. Several shell inlaid dots are positioned on the outer edges of the case. These add visual interest to the unit. This example measures 39.5 inches long. Mounted in the bottom of the case is a level. It is used to ensure the barometer is vertical. These levels, found on wheel barometers are notoriously inaccurate. One should position this type of instrument on the wall visually. This instrument is also signed in this location. The signature simply reads, "Bianchi / Braintree. " Above this is the setting knob which is bone. It adjusts the brass setting hand that is positioned behind the main pointer. The main pointer is black and well formed. It indicates the changes of the level of mercury which forecasts the weather. This hand is driven by the pulley in the back of the case that rotates off the floats in the tube. This is a working instrument. The engraved dial is silvered and placed behind a brass bezel that is fitted with glass. Above this is the thermometer box. This is three dimensionally formed. The scale is in fahrenheit which is located on the left, the markers of Freezing, Temperate, Summer Heat, Blood Heat and Fever Heat are indicated on the right. This thermometer section is designed to be removable from the main unit so that one can take it into another area with out have to move the entire instrument. The circular indicator at the top is the Hygrometer. It is designed to indicate the level of humidity in the air.

This barometer has the following approximate dimensions: 39.5 inches tall overall, and at the base it is 12 inches wide and 2 inches deep. The thermometer is 12 inches long.

This barometer is inventory number VV-45 and is $1,150.


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