Chauncey Boardman of Bristol, CT. A wooden geared tall case clock.

This is a decorative example of a wooden works tall clock made by Chauncey Boardman of Bristol, Connecticut. The construction of the movement is typical of the standard form that one would expect from this Clockmaker. The wooden geared movement is a time and strike design and of standard quality. The plates are made of oak. The movement is weight powered and designed to run 30 hours on a full wind. It will also strike each hour on a bell mounted above the mechanism. It also features subsidiary seconds on the front of the dial indicated by a seconds hand.

The case is pine and has been professionally repainted in a yellow smokey design. The paint work is in excellent condition. The case stands on nicely shaped cutout bracket feet. The waist is long and narrow featuring a simple rectangular shaped waist door. The bonnet features swan’s neck pediment design. The bonnet lacks a door and has to be removed to access the hands. The arched shaped opening is fitted with glass. Fully turned bonnet columns are free standing and are also paint decorated. The flank the bonnet opening. The arched wooden dial is nicely painted. It features floral designs and gilt spandrels. The scene in the arch depicts a large center chimney style house. This clock was made circa 1815. The overall height of this example is 7 feet tall. The proportions of this case are quite small. It is an attractive form.

Chauncey Boardman was born in 1789. He worked in Bristol in 1810 through 1850. He began making wood tall clock movements with Butler Dunbar until 1812 when he bought him out. Boardman made movements for other companies including Chauncey Jerome. In 1832 he formed a partnership with Joseph Wells. They operated four separate factories that produced wood movements in great quantity until 1837 when rolled brass was then introduced. In 1844 the firm split and each continued under their own name. Chauncey Boardman died in 1857.

This clock is inventory number JJ-215. It is most reasonably priced at $3,500.

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