Self Winding Clock Co. Regulator, No. 18 wall clock.

This oak case wall clock measures approximately 50 inches long. The case retains an older finish and features oak wood selections with a lively grain pattern. The painted dial measures 12 inches in diameter and is painted on a zinc pan. It is in very good original condition. The dial features a time track that displays the hours with Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial that is open in the middle and the Maker’s name is located above the six o’clock hour. The movement is brass and is very good quality. The front plate is signed “Self Winding Clock Co.” It is also die stamped with the number “80038.” This number can also be found stamped into a brass tag that is secured to the inside of the case. This movement is powered by a spring that is wound once an hour be a electrical powered winder. It is model number or Style “F.” The electrical power is supplied by the equivalent of two d-cell batteries. Set up correctly, this clock should run longer than a year before the batteries need to be replaced. The pendulum is the Seth Thomas version that features a wood rod and a brass bob that is treated with a nickel finish. Concentric swirls and circles are etched in the facing. This clock was made after 1898.

Please note, the pictures were taken before the servicing of the movement.


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