An important classical bronze mantel clock. A Memorial of General George Washington. Attributed to Jean Baptise Dubuc, circa 1815.

This important clock was produced in France as a memorial in tribute to George Washington. It is recognized as one of the most symbolic emblems of this beloved patriot and founder and an icon of American collectors. A group of clocks were produced in France based on this theme and scholarship attributes them to founder Jean-Baptiste Dubuc [born 1743]. These clock appear in an assortment of configurations and most a believed to be produced between 1806-1817. This clock is configured with a the most desirable sculpture of a youthful General Washington. This same clock is found in various institutions including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

The gilt bronze clock has an allegorical sculpture of General Washington posed aside a rectangular plinth that houses the clock movement. Atop the plinth is an American eagle that has a form derived from the great seal of the United States. Below is a white enamel clock dial with decorative spandrels and bezel. An engraved case drapery frames the bottom. This is engraved with the famous quote from General Henry Lee’s tribute; “First in War, First in Peace, First in the hearts of his Countrymen”. The rectangular base has a large ormolu decorative mount and ball feet with knurled borders. Washington is depicted as a younger man, during his years in military service.

Dimensions: Height 19 ½”; Width 14 ½”; Depth 6”

Condition: The clock survives in excellent condition with original bright fire gilding and typical wear oxidation


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