The Waterbury Clock Company. An alarm novelty shelf clock.

This alarm novelty clock is in a wonderful original condition. The case is brass and the design has been impressed into the metal. The high points have been polished smooth and the sunken areas are matted for contrast. The case, which is actually a facade measures approximately 9.25 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The paper dial is original to the clock. It measures three and one half inches across and is in good condition with the exception of some staining at the top. Printed at the bottom is the wording, “MANUFACTURED BY WATERBURY CLOCK CO. U. S. A.” The lever movement is brass and will run thirty hours on a wind. It also features an alarm which strikes on a brass bell that is mounted at the top of the clock. The alarm is set from the back of the case. The back plate is die-stamped with the patent date, Pat. March 19, 1889. It also bears the Makers name in script and the instructions for each knob. This clock was made circa 1900.

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