E. Howard & Co., Boston, MA. Model No. 70-12 . The Kosmic. Wall clock.

This is a very interesting and special clock. It is designed with a 24 hour dial. This dial has numerals that actually rotate from Roman to Arabic and back to Roman on a 12 hour schedule. If one starts the sequence with the Roman numerals for the am hours, then the pm hours will be displayed in an Arabic form once the hour hand passes over the hour. This is done with the use of a four sided wooden block in each of the twelve hour positions.

The case for this clock is patterned after the E. Howard No. 70 Regulator with modifications to accommodate the 24 hour mechanism. The case is constructed in walnut and retains a warm wonderful finish. It measures approximately 31.5 inches long and 15.5 inches across the wooden bezel. The depth at the bezel is 6 inches which is 1 inch deeper than the standard No. 70 example. This is also true of the lower part of the clock case which is 4.25 inches in depth. The dial is cut to allow the hour blocks room to turn or rotate. It is also painted with the model name, “KOSMIC,” the makers name “E. Howard & Co. / BOSTON and the patent date of June 9th, 1885.

The movement features a recoil escapement and is powered by a lead weight. It is designed to run 8-days on a full wind.

About Edward Howard of Boston, Massachusetts.

The E. Howard Clock Company has an outstanding reputation for making high quality weight driven wall timepieces, standing regulators, public clocks and electro-mechanical master and watchman clocks.

The E. Howard & Company succeeded the Howard & Davis firm in 1857. The Howard and Davis firm was comprised of Edward Howard and David P. Davis and was established in 1842. Both men served their apprenticeship with Aaron Willard Jr of Boston. This firm was involved in watch and clock manufacturing since 1842. This firm also made high grade clocks, precision balances, sewing machines and fire engines. After the dissolution of Howard and Davis, Edward Howard went on to become Boston’s leading manufacture of weight driven clocks. This included residential clocks, commercial clocks and tower clocks. They also sold a large number of watchman and salve clock systems. These sold well in the late 1800’s.

It has been said that the E. Howard Clock company never made an inexpensive clock and that everything they made was of very good quality. As a result, Howard clocks have become very collectible and are prized by their owners. Today, the E. Howard clock name enjoys outstanding name recognition.

For a more in depth reading of E. Howard and his various businesses, please read “Willard’s Patent Time Pieces” written by Paul Foley.


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