Joseph Mayer Street Clock.

A Joseph Mayer Street Clock installed in 2017.

Joseph, Albert and Markus Mayer. The three brothers immigrated to Seattle, Washington as teenagers in the late 1800’s. In 1897, they formed Joseph Mayer & Brothers manufacturing jeweler. Together, they became the largest manufacturing jewelers on the West Coast with as many as 150 employees working in their factory. This was located at the lower end of Marion Street.

Albert and Markus split off from Joseph in 1920. They formed a partnership called Mayer Brothers. This business concentrated on the jewelry wholesale and horological material end of the business. Joseph continued, first as Joseph Mayer Inc. and then as Joseph Mayer Co. He concentrated on jewelry and silverware manufacturing and also clock making. Joseph died in 1937 and his business faded away. Mayer Brothers became a very successful wholesaler and jobber with a branch in Portland for some years. The firm closed its doors for the last time in 1991, a victim of poor management and changing times.

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