E. Ingraham & CO. Bristol Connecticut. The Ionic Calendar wall clock.

This model is called the Ionic Calendar. The case is faux grained in india ink to simulate the grain pattern of rosewood. The movement is brass and front plate is die stamped by the Maker. It is a time only design and is powered by a coil spring. It is designed to run eight days on a full winding. Both of the paper dials are original to the clock. They measure 12 inches in diameter and are paper which is applied to a tin pan. The upper dial has yellowed with age as it is exposed to fresh air every time the clock is wound. The Makers name can be found in the center of this dial. The outside numerals indicate the hours. Inside the time ring are the days of the week. They are indicated by the small hand off the center ardor. The lower dial has not oxidized because it is sealed. The air between the glass and the dial does not exchange easily. This is a calendar dial and it displays the day of the month on the outside and the month on the inside ring. The Makers trademark can be found in the center. The calendar mechanism was designed and Patented by B. B. Lewis. This mechanism in compact and located behind the calendar dial. It is actuated by a brass rod that is connected to the clock’s movement. The label for this calendar mechanism is pasted to the back of the door. It is in excellent condition. The Clockmakers’ label is also present and located inside the case on the backboard. This clock measures approximately 29.5 inches long. And was made circa 1885.


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