Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. Model Number 3.5 Parlor. Shelf clock.

This very good example. The case is walnut and features applied carvings and moldings which have been ebonized. The upper dial, the time dial, measures 5 inches in diameter. It is paper and applied to a dial pan. It features a black field and silver numerals. The time ring is displayed with Roman hour numerals. The trim ring or sash is treated with a nickle finish. The decorative hands are brass. The lower dial is the calendar dial. It measure 8 inches in diameter. This dial is actually glass and is painted decorated in silver paint from the back. The day of the month is located on the outside perimeter. The date would be indicated by the long narrow hand. The day of the week and month are indicated by separate roles. Both of these are original to this clock and are in excellent condition. This calendar is a perpetual design. The glass pendulum is original to this example. It features the Maker’s monogram “ICC0.” which is engraved into the back surface. This pendulum has a means for time adjustment which is located at the bottom of the rod. The pendulum swings in front of the calendar dial. The 8-day movement is well constructed. It is a time only design using the power from two springs to drive the mechanism. One can gain access to the movement from the back of the case. This model features a single piece backboard. This example is accompanied by the original set up label which is very well preserved. This fine clock measures approximately 20.5 inches tall and is 10.5 inches wide.

About Ithaca Clock Company of Ithaca, New York.

The Ithaca Calendar clock Company was formed in 1865 to manufacture clocks with calendar mechanisms. It was located in Ithaca, New York. Henry B. Horton applied for and was granted a patent on April 18, 1865. This patent was improved several times over its life span. This clock venture ended its operations due to bankruptcy on March 14, 1917.


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