SHREVE CRUMP & LOW CO. / BOSTON. A French made colorfully formatted Crystal Regulator.

This is a beautiful and colorful French Crystal Regulator. The case is framed in brass. These surfaces have been highly polished and protected with a lacquer finish. The case sits up on four pad feet. The base and cornice moldings are decoratively designed a form the transition to the main section of the case which is slightly pinched in. Here fully fluted columns frame the four corners of the case. Each of these terminates in shaped capitals. The upper capitals are a Corinthian form. The columns help support the four panels that make up the middle section of the case. Three of these panels are porcelain. They are colorfully decorated with courtship scenes of a classical nature. The front panel is fitted with the clocks’ dial. This is framed with a circular shaped door or bezel. This French sash bezel is fitted with beveled glass. This provides protection of and also access to the dial. The time track is painted with Roman style hour numerals. The time is indicated by an hour and a minute hand that are decoratively designed. The Retailer’s name, “SHREVE CRUMP & LOW CO. / BOSTON” is signed just above the hour numeral “VI.” The back panel of the clock case is a full length that opens to allows one access to the pendulum and the French made movement. This door is treated in a frosted finish.

The movement is constructed in brass and is very good quality. The backplate is diestamped. An “A1” is printed inside a small oval. This movement is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind while striking each hour on a coil gong that is mounted inside the case. This clock will also strike once at the half hour.

This case measures approximately 12.5 inches tall, 7 3/8 inches wide and 5.75 inches deep. It was made circa 1890.

We have recently owned a nearly identical example of this clock. That clock had the same themes incorporated in its three porcelain panels. They were signed in the lower corners by the artist “J. Carre’.” It is logical to assume that he is also the artist of this example as well.


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