David Weatherly of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A mahogany veneered tall clock.

This fancily veneered mahogany case tall clock features excellent woods, typical Pennsylvania proportions and a colorfully painted moon phase dial. The dial is signed by the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Clockmaker David Weatherly.

David Weatherly is listed as working in several Philadelphia locations during the years of 1805 through 1850. His first working location is list ed at 29 Pewter Platter Alley and then 515 No. 10th Street and latter at 93 No. 3rd Street. He is listed as a watch and clockmaker.

This very colorful example features excellent mahogany veneers that exhibit vibrant grain selections. This case has been recently refinished and as a result, the coloring accentuates the fanciful patterns exhibited in the grain of the wood. The case stands on four ring turned feet that are applied to the bottom of the case below the base molding. A figured mahogany base panel in inset in the base. This is broadly framed with a cross banded figured mahogany border. The waist section is fitted with a rectangular shaped waist door that shares the same construction formatting found in the base. This is positioned between two veneered panels. Fully turned and carved columns are positioned in the corners of the waist. These are formatted with ring turned capitals and a twisted design along it’s length. The bonnet is a swan’s neck design and is nicely formed. The arches terminate or are finished with applied brass rosettes. The asches center a central finial plinth which is surmounted with a eagle style finial. Fully turned and shaped bonnet columns flank the arched glazed door. This door is fitted with glass and opens to a colorfully painted iron dial.

Numerous dials that are very similar to this one have been found with the Artist’s labels applied to the back. This dial was most likely painted by the Patton & Jones firm located in Philadelphia. This dial incorporates a moon phase design that tracks the lunar calendar. This calendar is constant at 29.5 days. This dial also displays hours, minutes, seconds and day of the month calendar. The four spandrel areas are decorated with bright floral themes. This clock is signed by the Maker in the traditional location.

The movement is brass and designed to run for an eight day duration as well as to strike the hour on the hour. It is good quality.

This clock was made circa 1825 and stands approximately 8 feet 1 inches tall to the top of the center finial.


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