A miniature carriage clock of French origin. Shown here next to standard size example. RR26

This is a very nice miniature brass cased carriage clock. The case measures a mere 3.75 inches tall with the handle in the upright position.

The French clockmakers produced literally thousands of these types of clocks during the period of 1880 through the first World War. The world experienced a boom in travel due to the popularity of the railroads and steamer travel. These clocks are a group were sturdily constructed, portable and often sold in cases that were designed to protect them during transportation. Many of them were elegantly made in brass, having beveled glass panels all around. This is a very nice miniature example. The case measures a mere 3.75 inches tall with the handle in the upright position. This size always attracts a lot of interest when set amongst the standard size versions.

The case is constructed in brass and has recently been polished and lacquered. The case is a traditional form. Each of the five glass side panels are rectangular shaped. This includes the glass panel located at the top of the case that allows one to view the escapement. The four glass panels feature beveled edges. All the glass is in good condition. The rear panel is hinged and forms a door. Through this one can access the well made brass constructed movement. It is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind. This is a timepiece. The movement has been recently serviced and is currently in excellent running order. The original lever platform is intact. The time is displayed on the enamel dial. The time ring is formatted with Roman style hour numerals. Several small hairlines are present in the upper right corner of the enamel. The minute and hour hand are finely made.

This fine clock was made circa 1900. It is inventory number RR-26.

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