Admiral Fitzroy Improved Barometer in a carved oak case.

This fine English scientific instrument was made in the late Victorian era. The case is oak and is decorated with a number of floral and eastlake style carvings. The finish is in excellent original condition. The top dial is framed with a brass bezel that is fitted with glass. It protects the paper dial behind it. This dial measures approximately 9 inches in diameter. The graphics remain in very good original condition. At the top it reads, “IMPROVED BAROMETER” and features the Toricelli trade mark. The scale or register reads from 26 to 31 inches. You may also notice that this example has two verniers they are adjustable via the knobs below the dial. Below the upper dial one will find a separate thermometer, the lower unit of the main tube comprising of the cistern and a storm warning signals. Above this are Fitzroy’s “ Special Remarks.”

Approximate dimensions in inches: height 46 overall, width 14.75 and a depth of 3. The dial is 10 inches in diameter.

Admiral Fitzroy (1805-1865) was an english officer in the Royal Navy. As commander of HMS Beagle, he participated in the Darwin Expedition from 1834-1836. In addition to his naval career, Fitzroy did pioneer work in the field of meteorology.


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