Seth Thomas Marine Lever clock for the U.S. Navy. This is the Lever No. 18.

This case is made of molded bakerlite and is finished in black. The back flange is pierced in three locations so that it can be mounted directly to the wall. The front of the case or the bezel is hinged n the left. A screw is mounted on the right and secures the case closed. A seal inside the bezel closes against the case making the closure moisture and dust-proof. The 8 inch diameter dial is finished in black. The numerals, time rings and other information are engraved into the front surface and filled with white paint. The contrast in colors is excellent. This dial displays time in a military format. It features and hour, minute and sweep seconds hand display.

This Seth Thomas made timepiece is designed to run eight days on a full wind. The movement bears their die stamp on the front plate. It is powered by a single coil spring and regulated by a balance wheel escapement. The escapement is a non-magnetic Breguet type having a compensated escapement. As a result, it will run in a somewhat of a hostile environment in terms of possible vibrations to the case. The movement features robust construction and features 11 jewels. The timing adjustment can be made with the roller lever which is located on the front of the dial above the “SETH THOMAS” name.

The case measures approximately 10.5 inches in diameter and is 3.75 inches deep. Please note the wonderful shaping of this hinged bezel. The bezel is fitted with glass in order to protect the 8 inch diameter dial. This clock was made circa 1940 and serviced the U.S. Navy. In 1939, Seth Thomas sold this model for $75. This was an expensive clock in it’s day.

Clocks like this make wonderful gifts. Because of the all weather case construction, one can display clocks like this one in locations like bathrooms, outside by the pool, on the pontoon boat, motor home, camper ,or even on the wall of your tiki-hut bar. What a great conversation piece.

This clock is inventory number 218066.


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